PSL 2024 Schedule Revealed

Cricket enthusiasts around the globe are eagerly anticipating the upcoming Pakistan Super League (PSL) 2024, one of the most thrilling and competitive T20 leagues in the world. As cricket fever continues to rise, the official schedule for PSL 2024 has been unveiled, promising a feast of exciting matches, fierce rivalries, and breathtaking moments. Let’s delve into the details of the PSL 2024 schedule and get ready for a cricketing extravaganza like never before.


The Pakistan Super League has evolved into a cricketing spectacle that not only showcases top-notch talent but also provides a platform for emerging players to shine on the international stage. PSL 2024 is expected to be no different, with an enticing mix of seasoned veterans and promising young players set to grace the tournament.

Key Dates and Venues:

The PSL 2024 schedule kicks off with a grand opening ceremony on February 8, 2024, setting the stage for the excitement that is to follow. The tournament is scheduled to take place over 35 days, featuring a total of 34 matches.

The matches will be held at iconic cricketing venues across Pakistan, including Multan, Karachi, Lahore, Rawalpindi. From the historic Gaddafi Stadium in Lahore to the lively National Stadium in Karachi, each venue adds its unique flavor to the PSL experience.

Teams and Rivalries:

The PSL 2024 will see the participation of 6 teams, each vying for the coveted trophy. The teams, known for their passionate fan bases. The rivalries among these franchises have become an integral part of the PSL narrative, adding an extra layer of intensity to every match.


The tournament will follow a Twenty20 format, ensuring that each team gets a fair chance to showcase its skills and stake a claim for the playoff spots. The group stage matches will be closely contested, with every victory and defeat playing a crucial role in determining the teams that advance to the knockout stages.

Playoffs and Final:

As the group stage concludes, the excitement will reach its peak with the knockout rounds. The top-performing teams will battle it out in the Eliminator, Qualifier, and the much-anticipated Final. The journey to the championship will be fraught with challenges, and only the best will emerge victorious in the end.

Broadcasting and Fan Engagement:

PSL 2024 aims to engage fans worldwide, with extensive broadcasting and streaming options available. Cricket enthusiasts can catch all the action live on Daraz App, Jazz Tamasha ensuring that no one misses the thrilling moments as they unfold.


As the PSL 2024 schedule is unveiled, cricket lovers can start counting down the days to the much-anticipated tournament. With a stellar lineup of teams, star players, and gripping matchups, PSL 2024 promises to be a cricketing spectacle that will captivate fans and leave a lasting impact on the world of T20 cricket. Get ready for sixes, wickets, and nail-biting finishes as the PSL 2024 unfolds, showcasing the best of Pakistani and international cricket talent. Let the games begin!

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