Online New Ration applications in Telangana 23-24

Online New Ration applications in Telangana 23-24

Introduction: The Telangana Ration Card (FSC) is a crucial document issued by the Telangana Civil Supplies Department, allowing eligible households to purchase essential commodities at subsidized rates from the Public Distribution System (PDS) shops. The application process can be completed online, and the ration card is issued and collected at the nearest MeeSeva center. Telangana’s … Read more

Maratha Reservation: State of Uncertainty

Maratha Reservation

Introduction: Affirmative action is a complex worldwide problem that aims to address historical and systemic injustices. The Maratha reservation in India is a more recent development in this regard, to uplift a historically downtrodden population. This blog examines the specifics of the Maratha reservation, examining its justifications, history, and current discussions. Historical Context: With a … Read more

Lok Sabha Security Breach: Ensuring Parliamentary Safety

Lok Sabha Security Breach

In recent times, the security of legislative bodies around the world has come under scrutiny due to various incidents of breaches and disruptions. One such incident that shook the Indian political landscape was the Lok Sabha security breach. The Lok Sabha, the lower house of India’s Parliament, serves as the epicenter of the country’s democratic … Read more

Current Vice President of India & their Role

Exploring the Role and Current Vice President of India

In the grand tapestry of Indian democracy, the position of the Vice President plays a crucial role in maintaining the balance and continuity of governance. Often operating in the shadows of the President, the Vice President of India is a significant figure, wielding influence and responsibilities that extend beyond the ceremonial aspects of the role. … Read more

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